Mar 15, 2018

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Our country is so in trouble. With the White House in disarray and the Republicans not keeping trump in line, it's really getting annoying. Actually, it's beyond annoying. It's down right pathetic! In all the years that I've been voting, never have I watched Washington become so untrustworthy. Well, Congress' favorability has been at an all time low, but between them and the president, it's a day by day reality show that needs to be canceled. America can do better than this! Hopefully, the 2018 mid-term election with bring some stability and trust back to our government.

Sheffield Staying Warm Through Our Cold Winter

Thank you for being a friend - Voice of Mcdonalds Europe

My Best Friend Ever!
Meet Colleen
Pic Taken Christmas Eve.

My Buddy and Confidant
J'me and I
Pic Taken New Years Eve.